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Episode 183 – Unacceptable! (a.k.a. It’s Not You It’s Us)

There are a plethora of gaming events to go to these days and you meet all kinds of people and playstyles. Often this is a cause for celebration, a way to pick up new ideas and techniques. Sometimes though, it’s suboptimal. There are still some people who haven’t got the memo about gaming with others, and this time the lads aim to set things straight.

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How To GM with Justin Alexander

Episode 182 – How To GM with Justin Alexander

The lads are delighted to have returning Good Friend of the Show, RPG producer and designer at Atlas Games, Justin Alexander. He’s got a new book coming out, available in all good purveyors of such things, So You Want To Be A Game Master. Join for great insights, some not seen or heard before on the Alexandrian (or maybe anywhere!) and to get a unique precis of what is in this fine work. Visit Justin’s excellent RPG resource The Alexandrian, as check out what’s hot at Atlas Games.

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Dungeons Not Dragons

Episode 176 – Dungeons Not Dragons

Whether you’re from the old school days of white-lined maps on blue backgrounds, or newly arrived at the idea of maps, scouring the internet for your Roll20 backgrounds, dungeons have a long and storied history in RPGs. Join the lads as they look back over the years at dungeons, what makes them good and how they can be used better.

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Third Floor Wars

Episode 173 – Third Floor Wars (a.k.a. Third Party Podcaster)

A third podcaster, Craig Shipman from Third Floor Wars joins the lads this time to talk about some of our collective GM experiences at running three different games. From Blades in the Dark to Savage Worlds by way of Call of Cthulhu, this mighty triumvirate of gaming tells you what’s hot and what’s not, with tips, tricks and experiences of running these popular RPGs.

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Mechanics Drive Play

Episode 169 – Mechanics Drive Play (a.k.a. Long Chambery Things)

Following on from emergent play in the last episode, the lads go through a cornucopia of games and systems to talk about mechanics which drive different styles of play.

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Emergent Play

Episode 168 – Emergent Play (a.k.a. Play To Find Out)

From thick books of lore to many-paged character backgrounds, how do you get cool stuff to the table? Do you even bother with all that and play to find out instead? The lads chat about how to get more juiciness from your gaming sessions.

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New Gaming Tech

Episode 163 – New Gaming Tech (a.k.a. Is Verisimilitude a Word?)

There’s a foreword this time from Baz to let you know what’s going on in his life, thoughts are with him right now. The episode was recorded before his recent sad news, and after the into message regular Stunt Baz and author of the Burn After Running blog joins Gaz to talk about new gaming tech. What developments have their been in RPG techniques and how can they be leveraged for use in any game, including more traditional ones? Level up your RPG sessions with these top tips.

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Episode 154 – Subsystems a.k.a. Cut Down Like Ep1 of Squid Game

The lads chat through chases, Dramatic Tasks, the funnel, spell duels, grappling and all other manner of subsystems and extra bits. Core mechanics are all very well and good, but how do you do mass battle? Find out in this episode!

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